How long do turtles live for

When it comes to how long turtles live, the answers can be elusive. However, as potential pet owners should know, most species are generally able to live for. Several common species of pet turtles can theoretically live into their 40s, though there are many factors that will influence how long your pet turtle lives. Red-eared sliders who survive their first year or two of life are relatively likely to survive into their 30s. Turtles and tortoises are some of the most long-lived members of the reptile family. Even small species that are typically kept as pets, like box turtles and.

can turtles live up to 500 years

A whale that can live for years and a lizard that became a father at are just a few of the longest-lived animals in the world. See the. Sea turtles typically live between 30 and 50 years, with some documented cases of sea turtles living as long as years. While we know that. For example, a typical pet turtle can live between years or so while larger species can easily live over years. According to the “Guinness Book of.

This depends on the species of turtle. They certainly don't all have the same lifespan. WITH PROPER CARE, the most common pet species will. The actual documentation of the age of any species of sea turtle is difficult. What we do know is that sea turtles live a long time (some can live up to 50 years or. Everybody knows that turtles live a long time and they are a long time commitment pet, but most turtle owners including myself only know the.

You're right, turtles and tortoises live a lot longer than most other animals. If you were a turtle, you might live for more than years. Freshwater turtles live in ponds and lakes, and they climb out of the water It can grow to feet (80 cm) long and weigh as much as lbs. Turtles in general have a long life span. But it's difficult to know exactly how long sea turtles can live. Their life span is often longer than most research projects. They can survive for a really long time without food, thanks to the slow, patient process through which they break down the ingested food and convert it into. They live for a long time. If maintained properly, some turtles can live for decades (even longer than humans) and grow to be a foot long. Juvenile turtles, in particular, baby turtles, will not be able to survive for quite as long as they need protein and food a lot more frequently than adult turtles do. have lived at least 10 years in captivity, a higher proportion of reptile species have individuals that have lived beyond 40 years of age in captivity than do other . Some will tell you turtles only live a few years, and others will tell you they can live well over a century. Well, the truth is turtles can live. This turtle care guide can help you figure out how to take care of your new pet. Turtles live as long as 15 to 25 years; Habitat: Turtles live in semi-aquatic environments Aquatic turtles can live in a tank or pond, in groups, and with larger fish. Tortoises are reptile species of the family Testudinidae of the order Testudines ( the turtles). In general, most tortoise species can live 80– years. Incubation is characteristically long in most species, the average incubation period are.